Company Overview

The Remedica Group of companies, originally established as T. Ch. Pattichis (Manufacturing Chemists) in 1960, the year the Cyprus Republic was formed, has come a long way. From humble beginnings and during difficult times, the company, armed with proper management and pioneering vision, passed through several phases eventually becoming a leading generic pharmaceutical manufacturer with presence in over 100 countries.


Always faithful to its principle of “Quality, Service, Value” and by taking appropriate action, the Remedica Group has laid the foundations for a successful future via the recruitment of high calibre people, investment in their training and career advancement and hard work. Throughout our history, Remedica’s people made the difference and helped the company through difficult and challenging times.


Although not a means by itself, any recognition in the form of an award, a successful inspection or other form, underlines a company’s success and helps make the stakeholders feel that their efforts are well received by society. As such, Remedica’s people are proud for the recognition bestowed upon the company as it reflects positively on them. In its 56-year history so far, it has been presented with 8 Export Awards for Industry, 1 Quality Award, 1 Best Industry Award and many others.


With such rich and successful history, Remedica looks confidently into the future with plans for continuous investment in people, products and facilities with increased emphasis on expanding its sphere of activity by entering additional markets throughout the world.

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