When I look back, it is gratifying to see that the same objectives that led to the Remedica success story still hold true to this day in that we still believe that our foremost responsibility lies with the millions of patients around the world who use our products. To all those men, women and children we promise to continue to strive to provide them with safe, efficacious and high quality pharmaceutical products at a reasonable cost as well as a range of health and care products that improve the quality of human, animal and plant life through prevention, medication and intervention in all stages of their lives. As we collaborate with our stakeholders, we recognise that our success can only be maintained if we continue to keep as a major priority our contribution to society and our belief that corporate responsibility is important for the sustainability of our organisation. You may rest assured that we will continue to work hard and with even more zeal, for the benefit of patients, healthcare professionals, our associates and all other stakeholders.

— Charalambos Pattihis, Group CEO
Remedica - CEO, Charalambos Pattihis