Award ceremony for outstanding students of the European University of Cyprus

It was a beautiful evening, full of smiles and pride, during which the Faculty of Science of the European University of Cyprus honored the students who achieved significant academic success.

The awards for the outstanding students were kindly sponsored by Remedica, which practically supports excellence and encourages the new generation for more knowledge, education and noble competition.

The awards were presented by the Chief Executive Officer of the Remedica Group of Companies, Dr. Michalis Neoptolemou.

In his address to the students, Dr. Neoptolemou emphasized that “it is our responsibility as Remedica, but also the responsibility of all of us, to create such conditions so that we can keep you in our homeland and have you with us as health professionals.

It is important that the promotion and support of excellence, he continued, is supported by all of us, as it is the moral reward of all these youngsters, who, in addition to standing out, also send all the right messages to society.”

Wanting to prove that Remedica will continue to support the creation, innovation and dreams of young scientists, Dr. Neoptolemou committed to offer an opportunity and hire the prize winner of the School of Sciences, in the Remedica family.