Meetings for the General Health System (GHS)

Remedica organised in-house information meetings at its premises to update its staff members on the specifications of the General Health System (GHS). The purpose of the meetings was to properly and accurately inform its employees about the GHS’s provisions, its objectives and its goals.

The meetings were held by Mr Andreas Vasiliou, Head of Remedica’s Drug Safety Department, who answered the questions of the company staff’s, giving details regarding the features provided by the plan which will be implemented.

The workshops were constructive as all the aspects of the topic of the GHS were discussed, such as the implementation of an exclusive insurance health system from the 1st of June 2019, the services the system will provide, its operation mode and the way it will be funded.

Remedica’s mission is to alleviate suffering and improve the quality of human life by contributing to the equal access of all citizens and patients to quality medical and other healthcare, regardless of their social and economic status. A system promoting solidarity and justice offers Cypriot citizens the right to access quality medical and other healthcare and the right to choose a health care provider.