High-level Egyptian delegation visited Remedica’s premises in Limassol

A high-level Egyptian delegation visited Remedica’s premises in Limassol on the 9th October 2019. The delegation was given a tour around Remedica’s premises and was briefed on the production processes of the company’s pharmaceutical products and the technologies used onsite. Representatives of the Pharmaceutical Services of the Ministry of Health were also present at the meeting including its Director, Dr Louis Panagis. The purpose of the meeting was to resolve the procedural issues that arise so that the export of Cypriot pharmaceutical products to the large Egyptian market could begin by 2020. During the tour, the Egyptian delegation was given the opportunity to confirm the high quality of the production processes that exist within the company and the high-end technology used.

From their part, the representatives of the Egyptian Ministry of Health, expressed their positive impressions, affirmed their interest in inaugurating a fruitful dialogue, and expressed their optimism and hope for future collaboration. When asked if Egypt was ready to introduce Cypriot pharmaceutical products in the Egyptian market, the representatives responded affirmatively, indicating that the matter was procedural and to that end, they indicated that each side had taken action according to a defined plan. The Group Chief Executive Officer of Remedica, Dr Michael Neoptolemou, expressed his optimism about the positive outcome of the efforts to export generic pharmaceutical products of Cypriot origin to the Egyptian market, and described this as an endeavour of “strategic importance for Cyprus”. “We have agreements with local agents in Egypt and we are waiting for the approval of the Egyptian authorities very soon so that Cypriot pharmaceutical products can be sold and distributed in the Egyptian market” he added.