Honor Students Award Ceremony

A sense of pride and joy permeated this year’s Award Ceremony, in honor of the students of the Technological University of Cyprus who have achieved academic excellence.

Once again, Remedica wanted to acknowledge students for their achievements by giving out two money prizes, as awards of distinction to the first two students.

The awards were handed out by the Head of Human Resources, Mr Andros Yasemi. Accepting the honor certificate and the prize of 250 euro, was Kyproula Georgiou, a third-year student in Chemical Engineering. The second prize of 500 euro was awarded to the graduates of the Department of Agricultural Sciences, Biotechnology and Food Science for their impeccable academic performance.

Quoting Mr Yasemi, “students who set goals and choose the difficult path of undergraduate studying, must be praised, and awarded for their achievements. Education, and in particular the effectiveness of the educational process, must be a goal shared amongst our nation, and our most important national investment for the upcoming years.”

The entire academic community from the three departments, as well as the University’s Dean were present at the ceremony, which was held at the Tasos Papadopoulos building.

Remedica encourages the younger generation to pursue their academic goals, and seek knowledge and maintain a sense of solidarity. After all, a university is but the place where ideas and visions turn into reality. Through Corporate Social Responsibility, Remedica hopes to establish a bond of trust between the company and the society in general, as a solid foundation upon which an excellent relationship can be based on.