Karolina Pelendritou Contract Renewal

She’s unstoppable in water.

She’s in her element when she finds herself in a swimming pool, where she thrives. From the Paralympics of 2004 in Athens to the Tokyo games, she has made history, having stepped six times on the winners’ podium, earning herself three gold medals, one silver and two bronze, showering our nation with pride and joy with her achievements.

This is none other than Paralympic gold medallist, Karolina Pelendritou.

With the Paris Paralympic games fast approaching (2024), Remedica has renewed Karolina’s sponsorship contract for another two years.

In a press conference held on October 13th, 2022, at Remedica’s premises in Limassol, the CEO Dr. Michalis Neoptolemou shared his hopeful anticipation of hearing our nation’s national anthem yet once again, this time in Paris, as it is a special honour for us to support Karolina.

Remedica helps Karolina in her conquest to achieve her every goal, and we as a nation, gaze in awe and admiration for her hard work, which never fails to bring a great victory for our country. Supporting our nation’s greatest athletes, is one of Remedica’s many values.

Our Paralympic gold medallist is once again embarking on a journey towards another important distinction, which will make Cyprus proud. Karolina herself has stressed the importance and the need for private companies to support local talent. Quoting Karolina, “we athletes are overcome by a sense of security which helps us establish better competing strategies, as most of our competitors come from more financially stable countries. The help of the State is important, but it could be better, especially when it concerns disabled athletes, who unfortunately are not treated in the same respect as other, more able-bodied.”

Mrs. Stephanie Wheeler, administrative officer of CSO’s Presidents’ Andreas Michaelides’ office, spoke on behalf of the organisation, thanking the pharmaceutical industry for the renewal of Karolina Pelendritou’s contract, with the hope that this would be an example followed by many other private companies. Remedica’s support, she pressed, adds to Karolina’s success and by extension, to the entire nation’s success and visibility on the global sport stage.
Karolina managed to turn her life’s most painful experience, her loss of sight, into an incredible source of power and will to make a difference, not just for her, but for anyone who find themselves in similar positions.

Karolina is the epitome of perseverance and strength; one who doesn’t know the meaning of giving up.

Remedica has therefore every right to feel proud for being associated with such a person, who is a living example of endurance and morality.

To our own Karolina, we will be there with you in Paris, when you’re earning your next gold medal. Good luck.