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HRL Health Remedies Ltd founded in 2017 is a subsidiary of the Remedica Group, a group established in 1960 with experience in the development, production and marketing of pharmaceutical products.

HRL Health Remedies offers high-quality products such as nutritional supplements, vitamins, food/dietary supplements, trace elements and skin care products, responding to the modern consumer’s needs. The company specialises in the promotion of health and care products, as well as in distribution and marketing services, while the company’s employees work diligently to meet stakeholders’ needs.

The aim of HRL Health Remedies is to provide a unique and beneficial experience through its high quality products.

Bettaway Mega C 1000 Immune Tablets Bettaway
Bettaway Mega C 1000 Fizzi Immune Tablets Bettaway
Bettaway Omega 3 Essentials - Omega Capsules Bettaway
Bettaway A-Z Multivitamin Tablets Bettaway
Bettaway Students Multivitamin Tablets Bettaway
Bettaway Iron Essentials - Minerals Tablets Bettaway
Bettaway Magnesium Essentials - Minerals Tablets Bettaway
Bettaway Kidz Tabs Multivitamin Tablets Bettaway
Curcumin - Novasol R Age Control Capsules Solal
Resveratrol Extra Strength Plus Age Control Capsules Solal
Ubiquinol CO Q10 (Superior form of CO Enzyme Q10) Cold and Flu Capsules Solal
Alpha Lipoic Acid Dual R Energy & Performance Capsules Solal
Solal Acetyl-L-Carnitine-PLC Age Control Capsules Solal
Krill Oil (Superba) Wellness Essentials Capsules Solal
Probiotic Maximum Potency Wellness Essentials Capsules Solal
Solal 3 Per Day Wellness Essentials Capsules Solal
Burnout Adrenal Support Energy & Performance Capsules Solal
Magnesium Glycinate Energy & Performance Tablets Solal
Super Mega B Complex Energy & Performance Capsules Solal
Bio calmag (calcium & magnesium) Bone & Joint Tablets Solal
Brain Booster Bone & Joint Capsules Solal
Calcium Glycinate (With Boron & Vitamin D3) Bone & Joint Tablets Solal
Calmlite Moods, Stress & Sleep Capsules Solal
Collagen Plus Skin Essentials Hair, Skin & Nails Capsules Solal
Garcinia-2X Weight & Slimming Caplets Solal
Solal 5-HT1 Moods, Stress & Sleep Capsules Solal
Solal Vita PQQ Age Control Capsules Solal
Iron Plus Formula Energy & Performance Capsules Solal
Stress Damage Control (with Adaptogens) Moods, Stress & Sleep Capsules Solal
Thyroid Support Formula Weight & Slimming Capsules Solal
Vitamin D3 Immune Tablets Solal
Vitamin K2 Heart Capsules Solal
Chelapreg Trimester 1 Pregnancy Tablets & Capsules Chelated Range
Chelapreg Trimester 2 Pregnancy Tablets & Capsules Chelated Range
Chelapreg Trimester 3 Pregnancy Tablets & Capsules Chelated Range
Altrifer LDS Anemia Capsules Sunwave
Femosun Pregnancy Multivitamin Capsules Sunwave
Fluend Cold and Flu Capsules Sunwave
Fluend Extreme Sore Throat Lozenges Sunwave
Myo-Sun Plus All 30+ Women with Infertility Sachets Sunwave
Sunvert Prostate Function Tablets Sunwave
Urisan GR Urinary Tract Infections Tablets Sunwave