Financial contribution to the Association for People with Autism in Cyprus

The difficult year that we have been through has proved that health is our most important and valuable asset. Remedica embraced and supported people with autism during this difficult time that COVID-19 created. Continuing its efforts of helping society, the company made a financial contribution to the Association for People with Autism in Cyprus.

The President of the Association, Mrs Tasoula Georgiadou, visited the premises of Remedica on the 3rd of November and met with the Human Resources Manager of the company, Mr Antros Yiasemi, where she received a financial contribution to support the Association’s activities.

Mrs Georgiadou expressed her gratitude to Remedica, for its generous initiative. Mr Yiasemi underlined that it is our basic responsibility to support organisations that embrace people in need. Everyone can contribute to this cause through providing financial support.

The Cyprus Association for People with Autism was founded in 1990 with the objective of improving the well-being of both people with autism and their families. From that day and onwards, the Association aims to protect the rights of people with autism and to ensure their quality of life.

Volunteering is a key component of Remedica’s corporate culture. This action demonstrates the company’s commitment to support the vulnerable groups of the population and the local communities in which it operates.