Remedica Stands by the Citizens of Larnaca

Remedica gave twelve gift vouchers from a well-known supermarket to the Mayor of Larnaca, Mr. Andreas Vyra with the aim of supporting families in need for Christmas and New Year. The Mayor warmly thanked Remedica for its generous gesture and its support to the citizens of Larnaca who are facing financial difficulties, either through the “adoption” of a family or through offering gifts to primary schools of each city in Cyprus stating that “the local government and society need such initiatives of private companies but also the voluntary support of all stakeholders in order to continue to enforce welfare and implement social policies.

The CEO of the Remedica Group, Dr Michael Neoptolemou, stated in his message that we have always felt that we are active citizens of the Cypriot society and we consider it our duty to stand by our fellow human beings. The year that has passed our need to fulfil our duty became even stronger as many of our fellow citizens were affected by the coronavirus.

Remedica is a pharmaceutical company that actively demonstrates its support to society, the state, vulnerable groups and those in need. It has a long history of social contribution but the situation caused by the coronavirus in 2020 has made the company increase its financial contribution to the society by a 100% by including related activities in its strategic plan.