Remedica honours the World Alzheimer’s Day by offering a financial contribution to the Nursing Home “Archangelos Michael”

On the occasion of the World Alzheimer’s Day, which is celebrated every year on the 21st of September, the Cypriot pharmaceutical company, Remedica demonstrates once again its charitable nature and social responsibility by offering a financial contribution to the Nursing Home Archangelos Michael located in Nicosia.

More specifically, during a simple and short ceremony, the Marketing Manager of Remedica, Ms Georgia Tsitsa, gave the financial contribution to the Director of the Nursing Home, Ms Ersi Papayianni, and congratulated her for the exceptional and the philanthropic work..

Ms Tsitsa addressed a short speech on behalf of the Chief Executive Officer of the Remedica Group, Dr Michael Neoptolemou, with a powerful message that: “Today is a tribute for the elderly people and patients suffering from chronic Alzheimer’s disease, so let’s make this day a milestone and always remember those who cannot remember” At the same time, he expressed his commitment in ensuring that Remedica will continue her active role in helping society and will be on the side of the socially vulnerable groups, as always does.

The World Alzheimer’s Day aims both to raise public awareness about the struggles of the patients and their families as well as the prevention and early diagnosis of the disease.

Dementia is one of the main worldwide causes leading the elderly to become disabled and dependent on others, and it is defined as a set of symptoms caused by disorders that affect the patients’ brain function. The estimated percentage of the general population with dementia aged 60 and above is between 5-8%, while each year, there are almost 10 million new cases. The total number of people with dementia is expected to reach 82 million by 2030.
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