The “Gold Environment Protector” 2020 award goes to Remedica

The pharmaceutical company Remedica, was awarded for a third time in a row, with the Prize “Gold Environment Protector 2020”.

Remedica is particularly honored for this distinction, confirming that environmental protection is a commitment for the company. This distinction rewards Remedica’s collective efforts and belongs to all those who worked to maintain a greener environment. Since its establishment, the company adopted environmental practices through initiatives and the implementation of actions to raise awareness and shape environmental consciousness.

Remedica’s main focus is on solid, liquid and gases management, minimizing carbon dioxide emissions, producing energy from renewable sources, saving energy, implementing and promoting recycling and environmental education. Remedica is committed to continue the promotion of its environmental practices in all the aspects of its activities in order to protect the community in which it operates and achieving sustainable development.

Remedica is a pharmaceutical company that always stands by the society, the state, vulnerable groups and for people in need. It has a long history in the social contribution but especially in 2020-2021 due to the situation caused by the coronavirus it included in its strategic plan with a 100% increase its financial contribution to the society.