Collaboration between Remedica and Israel to fight the coronavirus

Taking into account the difficult times we are going through caused by the coronavirus outbreak, Remedica, committed to tackling the virus and through the personal intervention of its Chief Executive Officer, Dr Michael Neoptolemou has undertaken to manufacture and ship chloroquine to Israel, while the Israeli government will send 50 respirators to Cyprus.  In a top-secret mission, 5 tonnes of chloroquine from India arrived in Cyprus by Israeli military plane.

In his statements, Dr Neoptolemou indicated that the very difficult secret mission that was a huge success and soon the health professionals in the neighbouring country of Israel will have another weapon in the war against the coronavirus. He added that “Remedica is currently addressing the virus and is taking private initiatives to help Cyprus and other countries to tackle the pandemic as soon as possible.

Remedica has already donated chloroquine to the Cyprus Ministry of Health, 10 respirators and 500,000 surgical masks expected to be received in mid-April, and protective equipment was sent to private and other hospitals as well as companies that requested it, while further assistance will be offered to OKYPY. In addition, Remedica’s human resources and corporate vehicles are at the disposal of the Cyprus Commissioner for Volunteering and NGOs and the Health Insurance Organisation for the home delivery of anti-coronavirus drugs.