Beginning of a new era for the pharmaceutical company Remedica.

Remedica, the last few years, has set sail for a new era and continues to grow rapidly having significantly increased its turnover, has expanded its presence in total 163 countries, and has increased the range of its portfolio in pharmaceutical products. The new year came with a new logo for Remedica. The distinguishing and widely recognised letter R, of Remedica’s logo, remains invariable, in the same shade of fuchsia, as the company’s values remain the same.

The three semicircles that frame the logo represent the three axes that the company operates which are the competitive prices, the high quality products and the services that offers. These are the three axes that constitute the golden recipe for success which urge Remedica to continue to contribute to the creation of a healthier world in a more sustainable way. The new logo of the company, which marks its new identity, will begin to appear immediately on all communication material and on the packaging of its products.

As Remedica prepares for the new future, it continues to preserve the model of business perception and creative contribution. It continues to be at the top not only in the pharmaceutical industry but also in businesses, always embracing its social responsibility and contributing to the society and in the field of health.

The Chief Executive Officer of the Remedica Group of Companies, Dr Michael Neoptolemou indicated that “Remedica the last few years has entered a new era, which will be marked by the new logo.” And he added that “A Cypriot company with a remarkable global presence will inevitably be led to revitalise its corporate identity.” Remedica is a pharmaceutical industry which demonstrates its active support towards society, the state, the vulnerable groups of the population and those in need. It has a long history in social contribution but especially in 2020 due to the coronavirus situation it increased its financial contribution to society by 100% through its strategic plan.