Remedica organised a New Year party, 6 January 2018

Remedica celebrated the New Year on the 6th of January by organising a special party dedicated to its employees.

The evening was inaugurated by the General Manager of the company, Dr Michalis Neoptolemou, who welcomed the attendees and wished for a good and creative new year. His address was dedicated to the founder of Remedica, Mr Christos Pattichis, emphasising the importance of the company’s people, which he described as “Remedica’s biggest asset, who greatly contributed to the development of the company with zeal and effort.” Finally, he referred to the significant success of the company, which was selected as the best company of the Year 2017 by the Ascendis Health Group.

During the evening, the employees who worked for more than thirty years in the company were honoured. The hostess of the evening was the actress Christiana Theodorou and the musical program of the evening was carried out by the singers, Hovig Demirjian, Philippos Konstantinos and Annita Konstantinou who entertained the attendants until morning hours.