Remedica offered gifts and joy

The bright message of the holidays doesn’t always reach everyone… Especially to families with children in pain, it fades before their fear, agony, stress, and despair.

The Cypriot pharmaceutical company REMEDICA, known for its charity work, once again took a touching initiative and gave Easter gifts and smiles to the little heroes, who are fighting their own struggle for life.

“Our goal, behind every protective mask, is for a smile to ‘bloom’,” said Remedica chief executive Dr. Michalis Neoptolemou.”It’s the least we can do for children with serious illnesses such as childhood cancer, as the holidays are likely to go unnoticed. “These kids are maturing emotionally very fast, which is why we as Remedica, are committed to continue with more actions like this, in order to support children”, he concluded.

The company, in the context of its Corporate Social Responsibility, and as a sign of solidarity, especially during pandemic, offered on Easter Eve, chocolate Easter eggs to the young patients of the pediatric wards of the State General Hospitals.