Remedica received the Best Practice Award 2022

“The European Award for Best Practices 2022”

In a high-level award ceremony organized in Brussels, on 11 December 2022, REMEDICA was the only Cypriot company to receive “The European Award for Best Practices 2022”.

Selected organizations, agencies and companies from Europe, Asia, USA, Africa and Australia, participated in the competition and received this award in recognition of their outstanding success in quality management strategies.

The Swiss-based European Society for Quality Research (ESQR) rewards leading organizations and companies that commit to and implement quality management strategies. It recognizes good business practices, technological innovation, quality achievements in organizations and companies worldwide and publicizes the successful performance strategies of these organizations.

ESQR also provides solutions that enable organizations from any industry, regardless of size and geographic location, to learn the tools and techniques to manage quality and address global challenges.

After the ceremony, the group’s Chief Executive Officer Dr. Michalis Neoptolemou commented: “We are particularly happy about our international distinction. This award is a testament to the hard work we do as a team at REMEDICA to deliver the best possible outcome to society. This distinction means that we have managed to take substantial steps towards our goal, we have remained consistent in the commitments we have made, but also the new initiatives we follow further strengthen our performance. We promise to continue with the same zeal” he concluded.