1st Remedica Soccer Tennis Tournament

The 1st Remedica Soccer Tennis Tournament took place between the 3rd and 5th of July with great success, at the Remedica Park stadium in Nicosia. A total of 44 teams, consisting of 2 team-mates each, attended the tournament and had the unique opportunity to experience healthy competition, as well as enjoy the games and the excellent tournament organization.

Soccer Tennis is a sport that combines aspects from football, tennis and volleyball. Teams usually have two or three players and must use their feet and body, to try to pass the ball over the separating net to the opposing team. The participation rate in the 1st Remedica tournament proves the increasing popularity of the sport. The tournament consisted of 3 phases. In the beginning, the teams competed against each other. The teams that ranked first, went to the 2nd phase of the knockouts, where the best teams competed in the final for the prize.

Upon completion of the tournament, Dr Michael Neoptolemou, Chief Executive Officer of Remedica Group, gave awards to the best teams. The big winning team of the 1st Remedica Soccer Tennis Tournament consisted of Elias Charalambous and Alexis Pitta, who competed against Antonis Antoniou and Hector Gonzales. The winners will face the winning team of the Athens tournament. It is no coincidence that the prize includes the coverage of airfare and accommodation in Athens, a sponsorship of Remedica.