Remedica supports and sponsors the Paralimni Youth Union Basketball Team

In the frame of Remedica’s social contribution and based on its slogan for “a healthier world”, Remedica sponsored the Paralimni Youth Union basketball team. The team will be renamed to “Remedica ENP Basketball” for the upcoming year and will be trained by the famous coach, Mr Michael Kakiouzis.

At the Press Conference which took place on Saturday, the 26th of September 2020 at 5:00 pm at the indoor basketball court of Paralimni, the team, the coach, and Remedica were presented and the begging of the two-day friendly 2nd tournament in memory of Doros Isaak was announced. The tournament took place on the same day and continued on Sunday the 27th of September 2020. The teams that took part in the competition were Remedica-ENP, AEK, Omonia and ETHA.

Furthermore, during the event, an honourary plaque was given to Remedica, which was received by the CEO of the Remedica Group, Dr Michael Neoptolemou who stated “I am pleased that our company acts as an active citizen, investing in sports, young people, society, and vulnerable groups of the population through our strong corporate social responsibility programme. “We will continue to stand by the society, supporting and helping those in need as much as we can. Athletics foster ideals, values and encourage healthy rivalry. Athletes develop self-control, nurture courage, willpower, determination, resolution and consequently the will to become fighters in life. Athletes, regardless of whether they are professionals or not, are disciplined to rules, learn to act in prudence and moderation, have restraint, respect not only for their teammates but also for their competitors. Values that are aligned with those of Remedica.”

During the basketball tournament in memory of Doros Isaak, the stadium was filled with excited spectators with the presence of the Mayor of Paralimni, the President of the Remedica-ENP team, sports figures, fans and many others.