Remedica supports the use of renewable sources of energy

Remedica’s environmental activities have been acknowledged on a world-wide scale. Recently, it has installed phototube lights for internal lighting in its new building. This environmental action aims to produce energy from renewable sources.

Phototube lights are sophisticated, environmentally friendly lighting systems that can save up to 100% electricity. They have been created as a solution for managing and using natural light, with low heat emission and without attracting UV radiation in the interior. Remedica having installed 20 D650 and 18 D250 phototubes, is expected to save a significant amount of electrical power by saving the environment from oil and lignite combustion.

Remedica has been awarded multiple times for its corporate environmental actions receiving the award “Golden Protector of Environment”.

The organisation’s persistence in reducing consumption of natural resources through the adoption of sustainable development practices seems to become notable. It should also be emphasized that Remedica has proceeded with the installation of a 1 MW photovoltaic park which will supply electrical power to its 12 buildings.