The 1st Recycling Ball was installed in Limassol by Remedica

To raise public awareness on the recycling of plastics and promote the active participation of the population in environmentally friendly actions, Remedica proceeded to the installation of an innovative Recycling Project.

This is the 1st recycling ball, which was installed at the YS Stadium in Agios Athanasios in Limassol, a place where hundreds of children train every day, who showed great familiarity with recycling.

Dr. Michalis Neoptolemou, Chief Executive Officer of our Group greeted the event, and he emphasized the importance that the company gives to social responsibility actions, while he stated that Remedica will continue to prioritize actions related to environmental protection.

The Mayor of Limassol, Mr. Nikos Nikolaidis, in his statements, wished that Limassol will be the home of many Recycling Balls in the future, expressing the readiness of the Municipality to assist in every way the efforts for information and awareness of the public.

Also, the Commissioner for the Environment, Mrs. Klelia Vassiliou, was present at the event and she expressed her satisfaction with the willingness of the young children and their response to the call for recycling. Addressing the young athletes who attended the event, Mrs. Vasiliou explained the extent of the damage that the planet has already suffered from plastic pollution.

Recycling is a prerequisite for the protection of the environment as well as our future, and this is something that our people here at Remedica are well aware of! For this reason, and always having as a mission the protection of citizens’ health, we will continue to install new innovative recycling projects in other areas of Cyprus, in cooperation with local authorities and relevant bodies.