We supported the launch of Limassol’s Municipality Campaign “Clean Limassol” by donating 10 cleaning carts.

Remedica is based in Limassol. This is our home and as such, it would be out of the question for us not to actively participate in clean-up actions for the City of Limassol. In addition to the donation of the 10 cleaning trucks, Remedica has also provided other services to the local community, such as a great number of baskets were donated to pharmacies and physicians’ offices for sanitary waste, as well as flowerpots for the city center’s decoration.

In addition, with the valuable help of Remedica’s volunteer team, we ran beach cleans. Most recently, Remedica organized a “Love Motorbike March” across Limassol’s waterfront area, and with the participation of RemeRiders motorcycle club and numerous other volunteers, the money that was raised was given to PASHKAV. In short, we were and will continue to have an active presence standing by the side of Limassol’s municipality.

Remedica is an organization that goes “greener”, and with the environment being one of the four pillars of its corporate CSR policy, continues to apply efficiency solutions in its attempt to reduce energy in its factories

and protect the environment.