Remedica, best company of Ascendis Health

Every year, Ascendis Health organises a CEOs’ meeting in South Africa, during which it presents the performance outcomes of its companies, as well as holds various working group consultations in order to find solutions to the various problems that the company faces. Some companies are strongly criticised, while others are applauded.

We have the honour and the pleasure to announce that Remedica has been selected as the best Company in the Ascendis Health Group in 2017. This award would not be possible if it were not for the professionalism, dedication and competency displayed by Remedica’s employees. It is the epitome of this year’s work and the results speak for themselves. Remedica has also been congratulated by the Group on the progress it has made during the first three months of the new financial year, both in terms of economic and work performance, which is always carried out with determination, passion and motivation. The strategy presented during the meeting received very positive feedback and thanks to its clear programming, it is now in the process of being implemented. With high quality and competent people in the company, we all work together dynamically towards an even more successful future. Remedica combines experience with the mind¬set of the new generation not only to ensure the sustainability of the company but to turn it into a healthy workplace for everyone.

Remedica is committed to working even harder because it has set even greater goals for the years to come and it now needs to prepare for a new era. The changes that need to be made must lead in the right direction and those who share the common vision will succeed. If every new day is better than the previous one in terms of performance then Remedica is certain to follow the path to success.