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Remedica out-licenses some of its pharmaceutical products to both multi-national companies and to smaller ones operating in their own markets. The product portfolio includes products such as anti-cancer medicines, an area in which the company specializes, therapies for HIV/AIDS, and to treat conditions of the central nervous and the cardiovascular systems. The company has a program of continuous investment for the development of new pharmaceutical products covering a variety of therapeutic categories. The efficient coordination and collaboration between the various Departments and in particular R&D, the Regulatory Affairs and the Business Development make Remedica an ideal partner for companies wishing to in-license generic products from within the EU which offers the following advantages:

  • EU GMP and quality standards
  • Dedicated state-of-the-art new manufacturing site for anti-cancer products
  • No need to repeat analysis and batch release for sales in the EU
  • Timely launches of new products
  • Flexible and responsive in customer needs and requirements
  • Timely deliveries

The company has a programme of continuous investment for the development of new pharmaceutical products, and for supporting innovation in various fields.

Dossiers for in-licensing

Within its NPL efforts and product portfolio enrichment, Remedica in-licenses various products falling within various therapeutic categories that demonstrate growth and potential for its Markets. It is of paramount importance that these dossiers abide to all EU rules, regulations and guidelines and are in EU-CTD form. For further information regarding the in-licensing business opportunities contact us on [email protected].