Testimonials by Remedica’s employees

Every day, our people work to alleviate suffering and improve the quality of human life by providing high-quality, safe and efficacious pharmaceuticals at a reasonable cost. We would like to share testimonials of their experience within Remedica, in their own words.

I started my career at Remedica in April 2011 as an Analyst in the Quality Control (QC) Department. By 2018, I was promoted to Deputy Manager. Through my current role, I have the daily opportunity to grow my competences in people-management through complex challenges and problem-solving, while constantly developing my skills as a Scientist through the Lab technical challenges.

“Remedica has offered me invaluable learning opportunities in an environment that invests in its people and their development, inspiring me to constantly evolve and develop.”

I do not believe that my career would have grown to such an extent, nor that my personal development and growth as a person would have benefited as much had it not been for Remedica.

Eleni Kritikou, Head of Stability

For the last 15 months, I have been working at Remedica as a Scientist in the Portfolio Management Department. Remedica is a Cyprus-based manufacturer of generic pharmaceutical products with a multinational operation, vision, and mentality. Within a corporate environment, Remedica provides the opportunity for both personal and professional development by conducting regular internal and external training sessions, as well as, out-of-work events.

“Cultivating talent is a primary goal for Remedica as made imminently clear by our CEO who frequently states “Remedica’s greatest asset is its people”.

The key values distilled in Remedica’s culture are transparency, integrity, and responsibility, and these are promoted through its strong Corporate Social Responsibility program. Everything considered, it is simply the best place to be!

Panayiotis Christodoulidis, Physical Labs Manager

I joined Remedica in 2016 as a Production Line Supervisor. As a Chemical Engineer, Remedica offered me the chance to apply and expand my knowledge. Each of the departments I’ve been to so far has required different expertise and knowledge which Remedica offered me. The company equipped me with all the necessary virtues to achieve my goals through training sessions, seminars and hands-on experience.

“It is not a coincidence that Remedica is considered by many as one of the top employers in our country, since it advance one’s career, invests in its people, and it creates a pleasant working environment.”

And after all, Remedica is not just an employer, it’s a family – and that’s what it is for me.

Nikos Hadjiliasi, Production Supervisor

When I joined Remedica more than twenty years ago, I was surprised to be welcomed with the statement, “we hope you will one day become a pillar in our company.”

This expectation showed me that the company believed in me and my future in Remedica.

Throughout the years, this has encouraged me to use my abilities in the most beneficial manner for Remedica. Today, as a Department Head, I place the same hope into each new person I am hiring. I want everyone to succeed to the best of their abilities, to take pride in their work and achievements, and to grow into personalities that can take on responsibility in a company dedicated to improving people’s health.

Antje Nordmann, R&D Pharmaceutical Development Subject Matter Expert