Remedica awarded with a “Golden Environmental Protection Award” 2018

We are delighted to inform you that Remedica was honoured with the “Golden Environmental Protection Award” for the year 2018 within the framework of the Pancyprian Environmental Awards for Organisations and Businesses. These awards are organised by the Cyprus Center for Environmental Research and Education (CY.CERE) with the support of other partners. The “Golden Environmental Protection Award” aims to distinguish Cypriot businesses that have taken an active role in protecting the environment and have managed to integrate environmental policies into their operations, while carrying out environmental activities and reducing the consumption of natural resources through the support of local environmental NGOs and the adoption of environmentally friendly practices in the context of their Corporate Social Responsibility programme. The award was granted to Remedica during a special Official Ceremony which took place at the Presidential Palace in Nicosia on the 22nd of January 2019, with the presence of the President of the Republic of Cyprus, His Excellency Mr Nikos Anastasiades. The award was received by Dr Michael Neoptolemou, Managing Director of Remedica. The evaluation of the candidates was completed by the Scientific Assessment Committee in the presence of the Cyprus Environment Commissioner and representatives of all the collaborating parties. Environmental protection is a commitment to Remedica. This distinction rewards the collective effort of the company and belongs to all those who work towards this direction. Long before the term “Corporate Social Responsibility” was introduced, the company had established environmental practices through initiatives and awareness-raising and ecological actions. The company focuses mainly on the management of solid waste and sewage, the minimisation of carbon dioxide emissions, the promotion of recycling and the conservation of energy. It is committed to continuing to promote environmental practices in all aspects of its activities in order to protect the community in which it operates, achieving sustainable development.