Participation in IMH’s Conference for Pharmacists and Pharmacy Owners

Remedica sponsored and participated in IMH’s conference entitled “Conference for Pharmacists and Pharmacy Owners” held on the 23rd of January 2019 at Hilton Park Nicosia. On behalf of the company, Dr Michael Neoptolemou, Managing Director of the company and Mr Andreas Hadjipanayis, Marketing Manager and National Sales Manager, were present among others. The aim of the conference was to provide a business forum for pharmacists and all the relevant stakeholders of the pharmaceutical sector. During the conference, Dr Neoptolemou, who was among the key speakers, referred to the role of the pharmaceutical industry in Cyprus and the challenges it faces. The role of the Pharmaceutical Industry for the Cypriot socioeconomic development is undoubtedly very important. Pharmaceutical products are the first industrial product exported from Cyprus, with an influx of millions of euros each year, providing work for more than 2.000 employees. In the age of the digital revolution, continued investment in product and technology research and the development of various fields it is necessary to face the challenges and embrace the prospects of the pharmaceutical industry. The conference was a huge success with the participation of many pharmacists, pharmaceutical and other government departments, pharmaceutical executives and drug and healthcare distributors, medical products and services, executives from private clinics and hospitals, doctors, insurance executives and academics.