Remedica joins the fight against Coronavirus: donation by Remedica to the State of Cyprus

Remedica’s Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is based on its vision and mission of improving the health and quality of life of people worldwide by providing high quality, safe and efficacious products at affordable prices. The environment, human resources, society, health and safety at work are the five central pillars on which Remedica forms the framework of its Corporate Social Responsibility policy.

In this context and taking into account the difficult times we are going through, the following items will be donated to the State of Cyprus:

  • 10 respirators (expected to be received in April)
  • 500,000 surgical masks to be given to medical personnel, nurses and anyone else deemed necessary by the State (expected to be received in April)
  • Chloroquine is one of the drugs that can cure a patient with coronavirus based on various studies that have been reported. It should be noted that Remedica will supply the State with this drug, free of charge and in as many quantities as it deems necessary until the stock is exhausted. This stock is considered to be sufficient enough to treat this virus for as long as possible.

“We wish all our fellow citizens health and patience. We need to join forces to tackle this challenge” stated Remedica’s CEO, Dr Michael Neoptolemou.