Recreational Event, titled “Sunday Funday”

With a great sense of responsibility and joy, Remedica organised a “Sunday Funday” recreational event for both children and adults which took place on the 10th of November 2019, at Molos Park in Limassol to financially support the “Orestis Foundation”. The Foundation, which is a non-profit organisation created in memory of a 19-month-old infant – Orestis – who died of pneumonia, aims to promote better health services in Cyprus. During the event, there was a Live Link from Love FM and many surprises for the young friends who were present at the event. The entrance was free and there were lots of games, music, dancing sessions, arts and crafts, contests, inflatable toys (fouskota), trampolines, face painting and 11 fantastic mascots from the collection of Fantastic Eshop. At the same time a variety of delicious snacks were offered, contributing to making this day of giving and love even more memorable, and donations were given to the “Orestis Foundation”, with the slogan “Opening our Heart”.The event was a great success having received a large number of attendees and having raised a significant amount of funds for the cause. The uplifting crowd, the cheerful mood combined with the sense of giving, joy, music and the hundreds of enthusiastic children’s voices made Remedica’s Sunday Funday event an unforgettable experience. Mr Lambros Demetriadis, the founder of the Orestis Foundation, expressed his gratitude to all the participants for their participation and contributions while conveying his appreciation to Remedica which, as he noted, is constantly on the Foundation’s side, providing its full support throughout the challenges it has been called to face.