Sample collection for bone marrow transplant organised by Remedica

A large number of our fellow human beings, including many children, die from serious haematological diseases because their bone marrow is severely damaged. Voluntary bone marrow donation is a blood donation-like procedure that truly gives life to those in need.

With this in mind, and as part of Remedica’s CSR activities, a sample collection campaign was organised on the 11th December 2020 at the church hall of Agios Georgios of Havouza, in order to strengthen the work of the Karaiskakio Foundation for bone marrow transfusion.

89 employees gave samples for the needs of the Karaiskakeio Foundation for those in need of bone marrow transfusion. A special thank you to Remedica’s employee, Stelios Argyrou, who received special training on taking samples to assist the work of the Foundation.