Tips for the Summer Vacations

Keep Hydrated

Sustaining electrolyte balance and blood pressure, hydrating joints, controlling body temperature, and supporting cell health are all key functions of water in the body. While everyone understands the need of staying hydrated, it can be challenging to do so sometimes. That’s why it is important to drink water!

Wear Sunscreen

It is critical to use sunscreen. It protects our skin from the sun’s damaging rays, which helps to prevent severe sunburns. Wear sunscreen 30 minutes before going outside in the sun to avoid sunburn. This will give the sunscreen time to penetrate into the skin. On average, an adult body requires at least one liquid ounce (2 tablespoons).

Get Active

Work out as soon as it is possible, even if it’s only a brief stroll to get a feel for your surroundings.

Stay in the Shade

Stay in the shade when the summer heat becomes overwhelming since temperatures will be at least 10-15 degrees lower than in direct sunlight. While we’re most likely to be outside engaging in activities during midday, it’s also when the temperatures are at their highest.

Eat Fruit and Vegetables
Eating seasonally is the best option because our body aligns with nature, For one thing, foods retain the highest amount of vitamins throughout high season and if we purchase them locally, those vitamins have less time to deteriorate as the product travels to your dish.

Go for Swimming
Swimming is a fantastic exercise since it requires you to move your entire body toward the water’s resistance. Swimming is a good all-around exercise since it maintains your heart rate up while reducing impact stress on your body, improves durability, muscle strength, and cardiac wellbeing, aids in the maintenance of a healthy weight, heart, and lungs, tones and strengthens muscles, and offers an entire body workout, since almost all of the muscles are utilised during swimming.

Breath in the Sea Air
Ocean air is also beneficial to one’s health. Negative ions in sea air boost the capacity to assimilate oxygen while also balancing serotonin levels, a hormone associated with mood and tension. That’s why, after a beach vacation, you’ll feel more energetic, calm, and rejuvenated.

Use Hand Sanitiser
While it is critical that we all enjoy our summer vacations, particularly after the lockdown and after having endured a worldwide epidemic, we must also ensure that we and those around us remain safe. As a result, always apply hand sanitiser, particularly when touching surfaces or if there are no handwashing amenities accessible. If required, disinfect or wash your hands before contacting your face. Also, bring a lot of face masks and hand sanitiser.

Bonus Tip

Treat the local animals with kindness! Animals are also affected by the summer heat so if you see a stray dog or cat that needs hydration, do not hesitate to give them some food and water!